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A Associação Smart Waste Portugal é uma pessoa coletiva sem fins lucrativos. O seu objeto é:
  • Contribuir para a produção e divulgação de conhecimento no domínio da área dos resíduos;

  • Dinamizar ações que valorizem a cooperação entre as entidades com atuação na área dos resíduos;

  • Promover e apoiar atividades e projetos dos seus Associados que contribuam para a prossecução do objeto da Associação Smart Waste Portugal.

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About Smart Waste Portugal

Smart Waste Portugal - Business Development Network (SWP) is a non profit private Association, whose mission is to create a national platform, involving all players in the sector, promoting and valuing waste as an economic and social resource, creating conditions to the competitive acting across the value chain through a collaborative approach, promoting innovation, research, development and implementation solutions. 

SWP Association intends to join the movement to boost Portugal competitiveness, based on a circular economy, by identifying and contributing to create new business and innovation opportunities as well as new business models and more efficient production and consumption forms. SWP aims to:
  • Generate opportunities to waste sector and industry; 
  • Produce and disseminate knowledge in the field of waste sector and circular economy; 
  • Stimulate actions highlighting the cooperation between the entities operating in the waste sector; 
  • Establish preferred contacts with universities, companies, research institutes and other organizations, public or private, and with similar national, foreign and international associations; 
  • Promote dialogue and involvement; 
  • Stimulate the research and exchange of ideas and projects;    
  • Implement solutions to the market; 
  • Provide support and sharing; 
  • Have common purposes and motivations;   
  • Create reciprocity, benefits and mutual value; 
  • Create value and shared talent to compete and win.   
The Board of Directors of the Association is represented by 9 members, from relevant entities, at national and international levels: LIPOR – Intermunicipal Waste Management of Greater Porto has the Presidence of the Association; Sonae (distribution industry) and Veolia (waste, energy and water setor multinational company) are the entities represented the vice-presidence of the Association; The Navigator Company (paper industry), Sociedade Ponto Verde, AEPSA – Association of private companies for the environment sector, Amorim Cork Composites; AVE - Environmental Management and Energy Recovery (cement industry); FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

The Association has more than 80 members from waste sector, industry, universities and associations. 

SWP developed a Study on the Relevance and Impact of the Waste Industry in Portugal in the Perspective of the Circular Economy, carried out by the well-known Augusto Mateus e Associados. This study presents a detailed analysis of the setor and propose a roadmap to 2030, with actions and recommendations, in the circular economy area.

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